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Firefighting Flashlights: Streamlight Fire Vulcan 44400

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Fire Vulcan 44400

Our Price: $127.00

Streamlight "Fire Vulcan"
(Standard System)
w/Dual LED's, AC/DC, Quick Release Shoulder Strap

New Fire Vulcan features 2 rear LEDs. Model equipped with light, 120V AC/12 V DC charger and charging rack, and quick release shoulder strap.

The new Fire Vulcan is the safety lantern because it features two ultra-bright blue taillight LEDs that lets your partners see you when they're following (or approaching) you in a smoke-filled room. In fact, this versatile lantern is ideal for the many roles of a firefighter. It provides all the benefits of the original Vulcan (powerful, lightweight, and waterproof), but now offers even more advantages.

Features of the Fire Vulcan:
  • NEW- The only lantern with 2 taillight LED's. Offers 2 modes: "steady" and "blinking."
  • NEW- Quick Release Strap
  • NEW- 3 Position toggle switch. Easy to turn on/off with gloves
  • NEW- High-Clearance handle. Your gloved hand fits easily around it
  • NEW- Heavy-Duty D-Rings for strap connection
  • NEW- High-Visibility Orange
  • Compact and lightweight. Weighs only 3.3 lbs.
  • Extremely powerful: 65,000 candlepower
  • Meets Requirements of NFPA
  • Rugged, high impact thermoplastic housing
  • Waterproof
  • Fits existing charging racks
Runtimes of the new Fire Vulcan:
  • "Steady" mode (LED & halogen bulb): 3 hours
  • "Blinking" mode (LED & halogen buble): 6 hours
  • "Blinking" mode (LED's only): 60 hours
Applications of the versatile Fire Vulcan:
  • Identifies firefighters coming and going even in smoky conditions
  • Warns Motorists and increases visibility in traffic/accident scenes
  • Marks emergency landing areas for incoming helos
  • Marks entry/exitways into/out of structures
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